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We at Caledon Memorials are committed to do our job – THE RIGHT WAY! Providing unmatched personal service is our goal with our main focus on superior service quality and top notch stones delivery. We are specialized in monuments, markers, and especially custom orders. Caledon Memorials provides custom designed monuments of different sizes and colors at a competitive price and serves all the cemeteries in Ontario, Canada. Moreover, we also cover neighboring provinces of Ontario such as Quebec and others. Pre-plan today and you can make decisions ahead of time by designing your very own unique monument, thereby saving money (funeral cost) and reducing the burden on your family. Caledon Memorials will get the job done for you and we just don’t meet your expectations – WE EXCEED THEM! Our customers keep coming back to us mainly because they find us dependable, credible, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with.

What makes Caledon Memorials your first choice for purchasing monuments?

Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is very competitive and affordable, making you reduce the funeral cost considerably. We also offer additional discounts on selected monument colors and sizes.

Quality Service

Our prime focus is to provide quality customer service and complete individual attention with prompt delivery. Moreover, we are available even after our usual office hours (if needed).

Industry Veterans

Our years of experience and expertise in the business of monuments will help you in getting the finest end product that meets your expectation and gives you 100% satisfaction.

Loved By Clients

We are loved by our clients who happily recommend our services to various others in their friends circle which helps us get repeat customers.

Customized Designs

We offer various kinds of monument services and specialized in providing customized monument designs to cater the varied needs of our clients.

Monthly Payment

We also offer extended financial help by providing monthly payment option to our customers, making it much easier for you in your difficult times.

Granite Colors

We offer wide variety of Granite Color Choices for your Monuments

How to design a Custom ?

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Monuments Pricing

How much will a monument cost? Is there any monthly payment plan?

With Caledon Memorials you can take up to 6 months to make the payment for the monument that you purchased from us. While purchasing, you can pay the deposit for the Cemetery foundation and part of the monument price. Then from there you can make monthly payment in installments without any interest which helps you get complete financial support and freedom. Moreover, we also accept post-dated cheques from our customers for making the payment process easy and flexible.

Pricing depends upon the size, shape and color of the monument purchased. Different Cemeteries allow different size of monuments, headstones, granite markers, bronze markers etc for each section. However, when you call our sales office we give you one pricing for the monument that includes matching base, design, lettering and installation. You will have to pay the foundation and care & maintenance fee for the cemetery. Our prices includes warranty for the monument that you selected.

When you buy any headstone from us (the direct dealers of all kind of monument related products and services), you save more. Also, we at Caledon Memorials work with all the cemeteries and undertake documentations and paper work on your behalf, giving you a complete peace of mind coupled with cost reduction of the monuments purchased by you.