Caledon Memorials


Monuments come in a number of sizes, designs and colors. Caledon Memorials provides custom granite monuments designed to fit the needs of your family. We work with the cemetery by laws and requirements and help you choose the right size of memorial for the lot which you have purchased. We assist you in the planning process, translate your ideas into creating a monument – a gorgeous work of art to mark their final resting place that will fit many different aspects of a person’s life taking into consideration their religious background, ethnicity, hobbies, career, favorite flower and so on. We at Caledon Memorials have extensive designs ready for you to pick or you can instead custom make it the way you like to see it. The three main categories of monuments are individual, companion and family. The tops, ends, and edges of monuments may be cut in several ways. Choose from straight to concave or convex, serpentine, round and more.

Monuments Sample Designs

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